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We are changing our logo

Everything in life changes with time and ALLNISON has continued to evolve over the years as we move from strength to strength in the rapidly changing accounting landscape. 



ALLN Accounting and Consulting was first started up in 2012 with only 4 members, providing tax compliance services. The logo was designed to stand out our name with a sunrise effect to show our commencement.



In 2015, ALLN has expanded its business line and become a one-stop professional accounting firm, providing services from accounting & bookkeeping, taxation filing & advisory, risk & control solutions, audit and assurance, corporate finance, transaction & restructuring services, and customs audit solution. We have also renamed our firm to ALLNISON Auditing and Consulting Co., Ltd.

Allnsion Logo_2021_V8-06.jpg


In 2021, in view to reflect the new era for our firm and symbolizes our dynamic future, we have decided to adopt a new design of our logo.

Stylized by elements of prosperity and growth, our new logo is like the fingerprint of our uniqueness. This new logo and typeface represents our core values, what we do and how we operate. The colors exhibit the high virtue and grace of the Phoenix. The rounded characteristics embody organization and efficiency while being well rounded and complete. 


The previous logo has served us well for many years, but there comes a time where reflection is needed to look at whom we’ve become and ensure that it is represented through our branding. We are constantly evolving to meet the needs of our clients.


Our new logo visually distinguishes the quality and professionalism of ALLNISON. It exemplifies our commitment to our growing list of beloved clients, strong reputation, and continued advancement since our humble beginnings in 2012.

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